Games for schools

Our company started in this area, and many of our early achievements and best work is found here. Eg. the multiple-award winning Global Conflicts series played by + 1 mio. people. In this area you have some of the strongest evidence for games impact, and games are finding their way in as yet another tool in the box for teachers (and parents).

The development of games for use in educational settings is ripe with challenges, and you have to take into accounts the special circumstances – both the good and the bad. Often the infrastructure in schools are quite special with a variety of devices, and limited internet connections. You also find special single sign-on solutions that we have extensive experience in integrating with. You also need to factor in the teachers both as a powerful resource that can facilitate the learning process but also have limited time for preparing the teaching and learning how to use the game.

Finally, the classroom is a space where students can collaborate, competitive and communicate in interesting ways that can play together with the game experience and enhance the learning outcome. We always try to take advantage of this, and often end up with a more or less blended solution – as many things make more sense to keep off-the-screen.

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