Sigurd’s History of Denmark

The app about the history of Denmark has since its launch been downloaded +100,000 times and featured as one of the top educational games in Denmark.


Sigurd Barrett


Mobile game application for iOS/Android


Teaching key events of the history of Denmark


6-10 years

Favourite history lessons
with Sigurd Barrett

In Sigurd’s app The History of Denmark you run through the entire Danish history since the ice age and up to present day. You will experience the different historical periods through 40 mini-games that correspond to the 40 chapters in the best-selling history book by Sigurd Barrett.

Can you plough your fields, complete a Viking raid, unite the Nordics under Margret I and keep your cool against the Prussians in 1864?

If you complete the mini-games and keep a close eye on the details as you race through time, you will be able to collect a lot of historical cards with interesting persons, inventions and events.

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You can also collect historical maps, meet interesting people and learn about all sorts of things.

Did you know that the Egtved girl actually came from Germany?

Or that women were first allowed to vote in 1915?

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