Newt & Byte is the first two chapters in a climate science educational
programme that teaches children the science behind climate change.
Newt & Byte has been created in collaboration with Climate Planet Foundation who uses education as an important tool to inspire individuals to take action. The games are targetted children in secondary school and the ultimate goal is to make climate science a mandatory part of the school curriculum. Newt and Byte are currently being tested in schools in Denmark, Austria, and Australia.


Climate Planet Foundation


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The science behind the phenomena that affect climate and temperature on planets.



Become a climate
science expert

In Newt & Byte, you join an Alien (Newt) and a Robot (Byte) on their exploration of the solar system. Newt is a student and needs to understand the in and outs of the universe, while Byte is an instructor and guide robot who insures that Newt gets through his assignments. Through playful interactions, the player is taught about the climate system in equilibrium, the natural changes to climate and last the human role of climate change and what actions we can take, as individuals and communities, to change it.

Chapter 1 – Newt & Byte discover the pale blue dot

In the first chapter, Newt and Byte have just arrived at the solar system. They investigate the planets and their conditions with a focus on what conditions need to be present for life to exist. Among other things, they look at how the atmosphere, distance to the sun, and liquid water influences the temperature and possibility of life on a planet.

Chapter 2 –Newt & Byte investigate the gases that warm up worlds

In the second chapter, Newt and Byte have zoomed in on planet Earth. They have found out how unique Earth is and that it is only here that conditions are just right for liquid water and therefore life. Looking at the atmosphere composition, Newt learns how different gases affects the temperature on Earth and how sensitive the system is.



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