Corporate gamification & e-learning

Interactive 3D simulation training

Playful tools, change & education


A full-service experienced team, that works closely with you all the way from first requirements to final delivery.

We combine game design, game technology, instructional design, and psychology to master the art of crafting award-winning serious games, simulations, and training.

We use a process that has been perfected over 15 years, ensuring that we can offer you a solution that delivers what you are looking for.


An award-winning company with 15+ years of expertise. We see games as a powerful language that can shape the world and how people learn.

We have extensive experience with both Danish, European and other international clients within a range of domains and industries.

We stay curious and have extensive experience with many different formats, platforms and technologies, and are able to use the best tool for the job at hand.

With gamification we could to tell the story of an extremely innovative business, which the entire world depends on, in a new and engaging way.

We wanted to engage in a dialogue about our business through gamification and at the same time give all interested the best opportunity to experience it first-hand.

Claus V. Hemmingsen
Maersk Drilling

Claus V Hemmingsen CEO at Maersk Drilling sitting by a laptop at a construction ground


The poetry (we create)

  • Concept development
  • Co-creation and workshops
  • Game design
  • Instructional design
  • Behavioral design
  • Narrative storytelling

The plumbing (we make)

  • Project management
  • Interface & user experience
  • 2D visuals & animations
  • 3D graphics – VR/AR
  • Programming
  • Testing

The pirating (we conquer)

  • Tie-in to practice
  • User involvement
  • Social engineering
  • Activation & roll-out
  • Partnering
  • Stakeholders

The app My Companion worked really well because it visualizes what is about to happen and engages the child in a playful way, e.g. the soap bubble activity which is, in fact, a breathing exercise. 

It reduces stress and anxiety in the child and at the same time it creates a safe relationship between the health staff and the family. 

Elisabeth Ida Ginsberg
Project Lead
Rigshospitalet, Children’s Hospital




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