We make customised solutions
based on our unique co-creation process

Our co-creation process uncovers your specific needs, sets the perimeters, defines resources, develops the right solution and ensures impact:

  • Scope

    Workshop and checklist to define challenges, resources and goals
  • Concept

    Workshops to co-create and develop the game concept
  • Design

    Flesh out the full design ideas and test the game with users and client
  • Production

    Produce the solution with an agile approach and mindset
  • Delivery

    Final deployment of the game and evaluation

Through our agile development methodology and proven co-creation process we always involve all the right stakeholders in the process in order to create the best possible product. When a client approaches us, we start by understanding the key objectives and the most important parameters around them.

When we create a new learning concept, we make sure that it is tailored to your specific needs, and we draw on our toolbox of tested mechanics and concepts to fast-track processes and reduce risk when possible. We find the shortest way to test the biggest risk.

We see the games as an extension of your company culture and brand, which makes for an authentic, engaging and meaningful digital experience for your organisation.

We strive to make a lasting impact whether it be a learning goal, behavioural change, or a combination of both.

All co-creation involves as a minimum the three key roles: Us as game developers, subject matter experts, and practitioners. With a concept in hand, we set out to test early on. Throughout the design phase, the game is gradually refined further through mock-ups and prototypes.

When the design is in place, we go into more full production. Finally, we make sure the game is properly deployed to match your needs, and also offers hosting, maintenance and support if necessary.

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