Games for

children & families at home

We create playful experiences that focus on playing while adding an extra, unintrusive learning layer that feels natural to the player and the experience. We embrace the use of games when it goes beyond learning, and is used as a vehicle for something more, and love when it points outside the screen.

We make digital universes where you can explore and engage with different themes in a multitude of media formats. Mostly we end up developing apps as this is one the primary platforms for younger children. Apps are very intuitive and provide some great opportunities for learning game experiences.

Over the years we have made games where the learning is more or less centre stage depending on what the intended impact is. Below you will find examples of light touch learning experiences for example for DR Ramasjang and MiniMo, quite direct learning games for children like learning to sort waste, and a more intricate, holistic and blended solution taking the children all the way to changing families real-life behaviors towards a healthier life.

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