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At Serious Games Interactive we are experts in designing interactive training programs that are innovative, fun and highly motivating for managers and employees. We use narrative frameworks, advancement, competition, quest-driven tasks and other game mechanics in order to create an engaging experience while learning. Game-based training is highly successful because it taps into a person’s intrinsic motivation and as a result activates behavioral change.

The great thing about game-based learning is that it provides instantaneous feedback that allows users to experience the effect of their choices firsthand. It is ‘learning by doing’, where you try out different solutions without having to face the negative consequences in real-life. As a result companies who use game-based learning programs experience a number of benefits.

The game is not mandatory, but still the vast majority of new employees complete it before their first day at work. It gives them a good overview and understand of the organisation when they start. We see the game as an innovative tool and highly relevant for all employees. 

Jette Husum
Senior Consultant

We create game experience that works in a corporate setting, and makes the right impact

We use a standard web technology stack to develop solutions that is compatible with the browsers used in corporate settings both for mobile and non-mobile. Our games can easily be deployed to your LMS (SCORM compliant), which makes it easy to roll out across departments and locations through your existing infrastructure.

Current eLearning frustrating

We often encounter frustration with traditional e-learning programs that are often not much more than assembled slides, where one just clicks through. Often employees are demotivating even before starting out which is the worse starting point for new learning.

With games the launch pad is better. We create room for excitement, engagement and lasting learning effect. The eLearning is not perceived as being irrelevant noise during a busy day with little impact.

Engagement & effect

In eLearning games, you are challenged, and actively engage with the learning contents. Throughout the experience there is constant feedback, and you see the consequences of your mastery as you progress towards your learning goals.

Not only can we see that learners become more engaged but they also transfer and retain knowledge better. Because of this, businesses get a higher level of both learner retention and knowledge transfer in the long run while reducing costs significantly.

Safe while active

Game-based learning solutions offer a safe environment for managers and employees to develop, train skills and acquire knowledge. It’s safe to try again and again until you are confident.

While you are safe we still insist that you take active choices, In the game-based solution we develop it is not enough for trainees to passively take in skills and knowledge. Rather, you actively have to use skills and knowledge to ensure real mastery is achieved and that it transfer to everyday work life.




We also design physical board games for change and learning

We always focus on using the right approach for a given project, and sometimes we recommend a non-digital approach. Physical games (eg. board games) have been found very effective especially towards open-ended learning objectives involving people. Especially in change management and leadership training a physical component is very powerful. We also use a blended approach taking the best from both worlds.

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