We design playful tools and digital games that make for behavioral change

Designing learning games for children and families is in our DNA. We believe in the value of playing and having fun while learning, and we focus on key learning elements such as transfer, retention and anchoring.

At Serious Games Interactive we are a team of experts who are passionate about developing digital games and play concepts for educational purposes.

We use games and play in the broadest sense to create learning and change for children, students and families.

Sometimes it’s valuable to simply approach a problem through a game lens to reveal new perspectives and solutions, whereas other times we focus on game mechanics and game technology.

We customize by co-creating with you

Vogel et al. (2006)

Computer games and
interactive simulations

All age groups

  • Learning outcome in cognitive
  • Students’ motivation
  • Player control game

Wouters et al. (2013)

Serious Games

All age groups

  • Improvement in knowledge
  • Improvements in skills
  • Instructional support
  • Collaborative games

Clark et al. (2013)

Digital games

K16 students

  • Learning outcomes
  • Non-competitive games
  • Learning theory informed games

Lamb et al. (2018)

Serious Educational Games,
Educational Simulations and
Serious Games

Secondary to university

  • Learning outcome in cognitive, affective and skills
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