Learn and engage children in activities to improve speech ability. Since its launch, the app has been a consistent Top-10 in the Danish education category on the AppStore.






Improve specific areas where speech ability is weak.


4-10 years

Overcoming speech difficulties

The apps are structured tightly around the objectives defined by experienced speech therapists based on the P.O.P.T method but wrapped in an appealing, visual universe and with a soft narrative that moves you forward.

Foremost, these apps are professional tools for kindergarten and in the first year of school. Based on a method of sound synthesis makes it the most efficient tool to break any reading and pronunciation challenges that children experience. All tasks are wrapped in a fun and aesthetic gaming experience that makes it engaging and immersive.

The Speak App Universe

The ReadApp

ReadApp is a challenging learning game that help develop the most important aural prerequisites for when learning to read. The app is designed for all children who are learning how to read and therefore it can be adjusted to the appropriate level.

The reading app’s tasks are wrapped up in a fun and aesthetic gaming experience where the child plays the protagonist, a farm cat. The cat is chased by the angry farm dog, and in order to get rid of it, the cat must solve different tasks.

With fun and helpful visual aids and animations, children are supported and motivated to learn regardless level and speed. This makes for a good and succesful learning experience while also supporting the children’s individual learning processes.

The SpeakApp

The SpeakApp is a fun game for children with pronunciation difficulties. In the game the child learns to identify different sounds and to pronounce words correctly.

The main character of the game is a cat who has big difficulties pronouncing words correctly and therefore gets himself into a lot of troubles.

Luckily, a wise goose comes to his rescue and offers a helping hand, if the cat also helps the goose get back his eggs. It won’t be an easy task, but together they will get through word plays and the practice of pronunciation which will led them on a true adventure on the farm.

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