Simulations to enhance procedure training

Challenge: The Copenhagen Metro is being extended (with Cityringen), resulting in a lot of new metro steward and control room hires. Training them must be able to accommodate a high number of trainees with various experience, and it must be very efficient and on-demand.

Learning objectives: Steward trainees learn train safety and maintenance procedures, train error handling, control room communication and manually driving the train. Control room trainees learn about safety and procedures for managing the electricity grid which powers the metro network.

Context of use: Training during certification period or on-demand before a re-certification.

Solution: The Steward simulation application provides a 3D environment of the 1st and 5th generation Copenhagen Metro trains where steward procedures can be trained with high-fidelity. Part of the M1+2 metro lines have also been built in to enable stewards to train manually driving the train in different modes following real cues and rules. 3 modes of difficulty help new users gradually learn the very basics in their own pace before taking the final test without assistance. Trainers can create new training scenarios with specific focus by combining different procedure blocks.

The SCADA simulation application is a 1:1 replica of the current power coupling management software used by metro control room personnel with an added instructional layer. Trainees can train all coupling scenarios with full fidelity, explore sand-box mode or train scenarios with embedded system faults. Trainers can create new coupling scheme scenarios at their leisure.

Results: The system is being rolled out ultimo 2018.

Date:  September 4, 2018
Category:  eLearning, Simulations
Client:  Metro Service
Technology:  Unity3D
Platform:  WebGL w. custom controls for driving
Target group:  Steward and SCADA trainees
Simulations to enhance procedure training · Serious Games Interactive