License to Recruit: Align, improve & unbias

Challenge: A major global transportation company wanted a recruitment game to increase knowledge to create the right approach to the hiring process.

Learning objectives: Make hiring managers aware of the stages, traps and right approach to a good recruitment process. Gain knowledge and experiences about the importance of diversity and awareness of biases in hiring.

Context of use: Self-led. Distributed to all hiring managers globally, who are required to take this license.

Solution: We created a serious roleplaying game with mini-games and videos that improve the quality of the recruitment methodology across the global company and other Business units. In the game, the player takes the role of a hiring manager, who is given the task of making a new hire. The game takes you through a series of 5 mini-games, each with an informational animation in between to recap the learning points and enable the player to retry the exercise, if needed.

  • Phase 1: Identify requirements
  • Phase 2: Review job listing
  • Phase 3: Prepare interview
  • Phase 4: Conduct interview
  • Phase 5: Choose candidate

The game is played in two stages – an easy training case and the certification case. The estimated game duration is 40-70 minutes, distributed over a minimum of 5 sessions. It can be played in one flow or distributed over time, depending on context and available time.

Results: Pending evaluation.

Date:  October 1, 2018
Category:  eLearning, Gamification, Simulations
Client:  Global transportation Company
Technology:  HTML5
Platform:  Web (IE10,IE11)(SCORM; LMS Cornerstone)
Target group:  HR partners and hiring managers
License to Recruit: Align, improve & unbias · Serious Games Interactive