Museum game installation
Museum pillory game installation

Museum game installation on history

Challenge: Develop an engaging and educational experience at the center of the museum that afforded families a breathing space where they could explore and learn about key events in the history of Fyn on the children’s terms.

Learning objectives: Learn about Cold War Missile defense, Carl Nielsen’s music and punishment in the Dark Ages.

Context of use: Museum.

Solution: We developed three different games using custom game interface (e.g. digital switches, sensors, cameras). This allowed us to create a uniquely engaging experience that brought the audience closer to historical events. It was key to differentiate the experience from what you could play at home but also to make a more immersive educational game experience that blended with the exhibition for the entire family.

In the missile defense game, you have a launch interface to counter missile attacks at your disposal. You have little time but need to find the right timing to intercept the hostile missiles. In the piano game you get to play Carl Nielsen’s symphony. Finally, in the last game you throw real rice bags at the unfortunate visitor that ended up in the pillory.

Results: The three games have for several years been an island for thousands of visiting families to explore Fyn’s history together.

Date:  March 10, 2017
Category:  3-7 years, 8-14 years, Above 15 years
Client:  Odense Museum
Technology:  Unity3D
Platform:  Standalone PC installation with custom interface
Target group:  Families
Museum game installation on history · Serious Games Interactive