Global Conflicts award-winning game
Global Conflicts: Latin America
Global Conflicts: Bangladesh
Global Conflict: Afghanistan

Learn about conflicts around the world

Challenge: Change youngsters’ perspective on global conflicts.

Learning objectives: Learn about conflicts around the world and key issues related to them, like human rights, media bias and democracy.

Context of use: Secondary school and high school


Over several years, we developed numerous games spanning conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia. The game series started off with Global Conflicts: Palestine.

In the games, you are a newly arrived journalist connected with a news agency, which reports from the region, and have to navigate the chaos. The game can best be described as a roleplaying game where you need to figure out how to get the best story.

In Global Conflicts you are brought closer to a series of problems that are occurring across the world – yet, these problems are far from the everyday that students traditionally witness. You will interact with individuals who are greatly affected by these conflicts. You are forced to navigate a virtual chaotic world in which there is no one truth. The games challenge the way you perceive conflicts and society while encouraging you to analyze and relate to issues like human rights, the role of media and terrorism.

Results: The series has won several awards, most noticeably an award at the BETT Show. It has been featured in most global news outlets and described as one of the games leading the way for serious games.

Date:  February 23, 2017
Category:  Above 15 years
Client:  Global Conflicts
Technology:  Unity3D
Platform:  Web
Target group:  13+
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