Evacuation training in Wind Turbines

Challenge: With a major new wind turbine product, the v164 coming online, on-site maintenance technicians need to learn the specific safety and evacuation procedures relating to the largest wind turbine in serial production.

Learning objectives: Learn the internal configuration for the v164 turbine including the location of personal protective equipment, firefighting and first aid resources. Demonstrate performance of evacuation, escape and rescue procedures across a range of scenarios.

Context of use: Train during down-time while on assignment. Content delivered in web browser.

Solution: A realistic, mid-fidelity, 3D simulation of the internal structure of the v164 derived from CAD data for the product. The trainee takes a first-person perspective on the simulated environment and performs the appropriate checklist as the scenario demands. Complexity varies from straight forward – evacuate the turbine under normal conditions – to complex – evaluate and respond to a seriously injured colleague, or escape the turbine under difficult conditions such as fire and smoke.

The simulation supports both knowledge acquisition via supported simulated practice and demonstration of competence in a test mode.

The solution includes an editor so you can easily change scenarios and add variable conditions to existing scenarios. User management, qualification and content assignment is also supported via an administrator web interface.

Results: The solution is currently being used, and >200 technicians have been qualified through the system.

Date:  January 27, 2017
Category:  Simulations
Client:  MHI-Vestas
Technology:  Unity3D
Platform:  Web with LMS
Target group:  Service technicians
Evacuation training in Wind Turbines · Serious Games Interactive