English Language Proficiency Assessment

Challenge: Assessing English language proficiency is traditionally done with standardized tests, but there is a need to explore new ways of assessing language levels that downplays formality and stimulates higher levels of engagement and positiveness.

Learning objectives: Students are assessed on B1 English language proficiency.

Context of use: As part of a trial run of new digital means of assessment.

Solution: “The Lighthouse” is a three-chapter, point-and-click adventure game featuring fourteen-year-old Cora, who is investigating the disappearance of her beloved grandmother who lives in an old Lighthouse by the sea. Through dialogues, puzzles and minor quests set in and around the Lighthouse, the player gradually discovers hidden pieces from the past and the mystery is solved. To be successful, the player must demonstrate an understanding of instructions and concepts at the appropriate English level through listening and reading activities.

Choices, answers and player behavior is aggregated in a gradable format.

Results: The game has undergone extensive evaluation with promising results, the vast majority of users giving very positive feedback. The project results are already being presented at two international conferences.

Date:  August 21, 2018
Category:  8-14 years
Client:  Cambridge Assessment English
Technology:  Unity3D
Platform:  Android/Web
Target group:  11-14 years
English Language Proficiency Assessment · Serious Games Interactive