Designosaur: Learn anatomy


Challenge: To get families engaged in dinosaur anatomy.

Learning objectives: Learn about the anatomy of different dinosaurs.

Context of use: Museum installation.

Solution: Dinosaurs have been part of our world way before us, and their majestic presence resounds in the roars of children everywhere today. Designosaur is an explorative design game that teaches you about features and traits of dinosaurs as you put them together. Each anatomical feature of the dinosaur has its unique reason for being just that way, but what if the mighty Gorgosaurus had the torso and sail of the Spinosaurs and the head of the horned Pachyrhinosaurus? What if it did not have its natural skin complexion but instead mimicked the plume of the velociraptor? Interesting, let’s find out…

From the construction of the body using parts designed and modeled in collaboration with paleontologists to painting the skin with plausible designs based on some of the most recent finds, Designosaur features some of the most detailed and accurate 3d representations of dinosaur skeletons, body parts and skin as we know them today.

Results: No formal evaluation has been conducted.

Date:  August 24, 2018
Category:  8-14 years, Young +12
Client:  Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum
Technology:  Unity 3D
Platform:  iPad, Microsoft Surface, Desktop
Target group:  Children 5-16
Designosaur: Learn anatomy · Serious Games Interactive