AR to simulate Visual impairment

Challenge: Developing an AR app for low-cost standard devices capable of simulating visual impairments in human vision.

Learning objectives: Experience how a set of visual impairments impacts daily routines, body postures and navigation.

Context of use: Training supplement for healthcare students and professionals in optometrist and healthcare domains.

Solution: An iOS app running on latest iPhone hardware interfaced with a Bridge MR solution. Users can scan and freely use their daily environments as the background of the experience. The application allows you to cycle through different types of visual impairments in run-time and also to adjust the strength/intensity of the impairment.

Results: The solution is used by professionals and received additional funding from Synoptik-Fonden for further development.

Date:  February 20, 2018
Category:  Simulations
Client:  CPH Ballast
Technology:  Unity3D
Platform:  Bridge MR/AR (iOS)
Target group:  Health professionals, supervisors and family
AR to simulate Visual impairment · Serious Games Interactive