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We have a team that are specialists in utilising the benefits of games for engaging, teaching and educating children and young people. We have developed games for pretty much all platforms and formats, but we see a clear trend towards smart phones and tablets being the primary platforms for reaching the target group the best.

Serious Games Interactive was founded by Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen who, for many years, was involved in the leading research on educational use of games for children and youngsters at the IT-University of Copenhagen.

He insisted on transforming this into tangible games for children instead of merely writing about it.

We started out by developing our own educational games, like the award-winning Global Conflicts series that deal with quite difficult topics.

Research shows that especially motivation, transfer and retention increase when using games – whether you call it the edutainment, serious games, educational games, learning games, games for change or something else, the potential is waiting to be released.


Your Challenge, Your Game

We develop a broad palette of solutions that have real learning impact.

Educational Games

We develop games on different platforms that allows students to interact and engage with educational content leading to more motivated students that learn more.

Playful Learning Games

We create playful experiences that focus on playing while adding an extra, unintrusive learning layer that feels natural to the player.

Interactive Game Installations

We develop interactive installations with game elements at events, conferences and museums for a broad audience.

Digital Experiences

We make digital universes where you can explore and engage with different themes in a multitude of media formats.


Below is a selection of the serious games projects we have done in the past 10 years.



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