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Over the last 10 years we have develop a team that specialise in harnessing the potential of games for learning and training professionals.

Although we are not the first to jump onboard new technology we keep a close eye on it as it matures, so we can introduce it to clients when appropriate. Over the years we have done projects with Pc/Mac, tablets, smart phones, Kinect, Wii, eyetracking, virtual reality, augmented reality, projectors, touch plates and small custom switches.

We have worked within most industries but have especially done a lot of work within Wind turbine, Oil & Gas, transportation, manufacturing and health area where the potential for our solutions is recognised as a way to deliver crucial results.

We have been involved in numerous European research projects exploring the different areas, building up the critical competence and knowledge base for what works and what doesn’t.

Research shows that especially motivation, transfer and retention increases when using gamification, serious games and simulations. It also shows that there is a big difference between developing it the right and wrong way in terms of effect. Especially the role of being active in the simulation game is key (Sitzman, 2011)


We have all the critical competences inhouse to deliver projects that increase engagement, retention and transfer leading to real impact.

E-learning with game elements

Most elearning communicate information with a variety of media but benefits from a narrative or game mechanics that we integrate in the experience.


A gamification layer can boost an activity by steering participants in the right direction, and increases the chance of lasting behavioural change in existing praxis.

Procedural simulations

Technical personnel benefit from engaging and interactive 3D simulations that allow them to safely train skills and processes to build superior proficiency

Strategic simulation games

Stakeholders can engage with a business area or knowledge domain to understand and master the underlying system and dynamics.


Below is a selection of the serious games projects we have worked with over the last 10 years.



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